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Pick up times during detasseling:

6:00 Grand Island Walnut Middle School
6:00 Clay Center
6:15 Harvard
5:50 Amick West Corner of Renee and Sunset
6:00 Doniphan in front of the school
6:00 Trumbull Town Hall
5:40 Adams Central
5:50 Hastings St. Paul Lutheran Church West parking lot
6:00 Big G -Ace in Hastings
6:00 Park in St Paul
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There will not be any more sign ups for this season.
We are not hiring any more new workers.

Sign up Dates and Times

Detasseling will start for Grand Island and St Paul on Tuesday, July 16th. It will start for the Hastings, Doniphan, Trumbull, Clay Center and Harvard on Wednesday, July 17th
If you have not received a call and are signed up, please call us at 402-743-2340 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.