Applications & Forms

Forms can be filled out at home (print them below), but must be delivered and verified in-person during one of the meeting times listed on our announcement page. We will also need to see your original Social Security card. We will have these forms available during our signup meetings, as well.


Start Here –> How to Fill out the paperwork – PDF file

  1. I9: I9 Over 18 Link (pdf) | I9 Minor Child Link (pdf)
  2. W4:  Federal W4 (pdf)
  3. N-W4: Nebraska W-4N (pdf)
  4. 2024 Detasseling DisclosurePDF file | or Microsoft Word File with fillable fields (print and sign)
  5. In Season Daily Notification Worksheet PDF file
  6. Emergency Contact Form – PDF file

     Sign Up Meetings 



May 21, 5:30                 Grand Island Walnut Middle School

June 3, 6:00                  Trumbull Community Center

You may come to any sign up meeting and still work in the town of your choice.
You must bring your Social Security Card and Documents for the I-9 form. Bring one parent if under 18 years old.
All towns will be 12 years old and older except Grand Island.
The Grand Island crew will be 13 years old and older. Before we decide if we will take 12 year olds from Grand Island, we will see how many 13 year olds and older we sign up for the buses we have available.
You may download the forms and fill them out before the meeting. These forms are available on the application and forms tab.
You will need to bring them to a meeting so we can check them and scan your documents. We will have paperwork at the meeting also.